Our Team

As a team, we are fully committed with passion and love to our educational project and we see professional development as key in our organization. Supporting families in the journey of reflecting upon our present and past experiences and working hand in hand as a community of learners is our responsibility and priority. Based on these core values and self-connection to our inner essence we promote parent’s workshops as much as educators professional development for inner growth. Adults re-learn while children play to maintain and remember the wisdom within. In other words, we believe children hold inner wisdom as well as the power to co-create knowledge.

Miss Rebeca Sztabzyb

Director Program Supervisor| Bilingual Montessori & Reggio-inspired Educator

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Miss Rebeca always had a passion for the well being and education of children. As a teenager, she had a volunteer job opportunity in a community centr working with children ages 4 to 7. As she grew up, she followed her passion and obtained her degree as a Kindergarten Teacher. For several years she worked in both, private and public school programs. During those years she took courses in psychology, arts, craft, spanish literature and body expression.

In 1990 she moved to Calgary with her husband and two sons. Having just moved to a predominantly English speaking culture, she quickly made the effort to go back to school to learn English. Her first job in Calgary took place at the Calgary Jewish Academy. Then, in 2002, she worked at Webber Academy as a Spanish teacher for eight years. In 2011 she obtained the Montessori level 1 Certification and worked at a local Montessori preschool for the last two years. She enjoyed watching the students grow and learn a language that is so close to her heart. She is currently very happy being part of the Kido Care team. She also sees how the Spanish language benefits students as they grow up and introduce themselves in the world today and the workforce in the future.

Aside from teaching, she loves having dinner with her family and playing with her grandchildren. Some of her hobbies include watching movies, reading books, cooking, sewing, knitting, traveling, music and she also enjoys taking long walks with her friends and family. She has participated in an International Reggio Study Tour in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy last spring of 2015. She has worked as Kido Care Director for couple of years at Hotel Arts Gallery, in the Victoria Park community in Calgary. Right now she is happy assuming the position as a Kido Care Program Supervisor; she has always the spirit of improving and learning within her field.

At Kido Care since March 2013

Miss Diana Murillo

Director Program Supervisor| Bilingual Montessori & Reggio-inspired Educator

She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from university with a Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education. She decided to continue her studies 3 more years and obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is certificated in Montessori Studies and child Development and also she had the opportunity to go to Reggio Emilia in Italy to learn more about this philosophy.
She has gained teaching experience in preschool for twelve consecutive years at well-known and recognized learning centers. She worked with children of various ages, which provided opportunities to understand more about children’s needs and development.
She is fully committed with Kido Care and its philosophy, where she believes she will further develop, as well as share her own experiences while learning along with the children and the team. Miss Diana gained respect from Kido Care children at her first week at work. She has demonstrated to be very responsible, flexible and compassionate towards our young students. She is expanding her opportunities of growth as well as assuming many responsibilities within our team.

As an excellent team player Miss Diana has not just gained the satisfaction and admiration of our children but also the rest of the team. Miss Diana is an excellent educator that we all honored to have her as a member at our learning centre.

 At Kido Care since November 2014

Miss Marcela López Valdes  

Bilingual Montessori Teacher & Reggio-inspired Educator

She was born in Mexico and her academic background brings 14 years of science studies. She moves to Canada in 2007 when she was given an opportunity to work in the childcare field. Miss Marcela has 11 years of experience in early childhood education holding an Early Learning Child Care Assistance Certificate. 

Being in direct contact to the Montessori philosophy and holding also a certificate in Montessori classroom assistance allowed her to get to know the intellectual knowledge children bring within. This has resulted in an incomparable and exiting experience. She enjoys reading and of course spending time with her family. She is currently taking part in the Reggio Emilia Approach workshops series: The culture of atelier and expressive languages at school. This opportunity has brought great motivation and commitment to enrich her knowledge.

This is seen in the passion she shows in her teaching and coexistence along with the students. Miss Marcela loves providing opportunities and spaces that create an environment where our children grow, learn and develop their greatest potential and creativity. Being that her first language is Spanish she offers a natural way to learn it. She is also committed to Kido Care and she is happy to be part of the team. She demonstrates initiative and a teaching attitude with commitment and responsibility. These are the exceptional leadership qualities she demonstrates in her work and model in our Kido Care community.

At Kido Care since September 2019

Miss Maria Gonzales 

Bilingual Montessori Teacher

Maria Gonzalez was born in Venezuela, in the city of Maracaibo. She studied Law at the University of Zulia and graduated as a lawyer in 1993.

She is happily married with two children. Since her children came to her life she got involved in the field of education. She participated volunteering in different departments in her own children’s schools.

She brings ten years of experience working as a teacher’s aide. Her family and her moved to Canada in 2018 and she was certified as Child Development Assistant through the government of Alberta and she continues to expand her knowledge in education every day through professional development at Kido Care and other available continuing educational programs.

She is passionate about working with children and she consider herself creative, organized, patient, and cheerful.

At Kido Care since September 2021

Miss Angeliz Lopez

Bilingual Teacher

She is Ms. Angeliz Lopez and was born on December 21, 1987, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. As a child, she dreamed and played about being a teacher. As expected, when she grew up, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Education and worked as a culture dance teacher.

Moreover, she became an Early Childhood Educator once she arrived in Canada almost three years ago. Time that allows me to get experience in Reggio Emilia Approach.

Digging into the particular way children have to learn is a thing, and tailoring it to an equitable, inclusive and fun environment that allows them to discover is her goal.

Out of the classroom, she loves going to the gym or doing any seasonal sport as well as spending time with family and friends.

At Kido Care since September 2023

Miss Gabriela Torres

Bilingual Teacher

Miss Gabriela came from Mexico. She is a person with a kind, patient nature, interested in providing positive experiences when working with children, promoting their social, emotional and educational development.

University education paved the way for her to develop and provide both business and family levels of support. The change of residence to Canada helped her find her vocation for working with children, and therefore she needed to update her education. She learned with her children, that they need to be consciously guided and stimulated to discover and learn as they grow, which is why education in childhood studies has always fascinated her throughout her experiences.

Lastly, Miss Gabriela hobbies include, reading, listening to music, practicing yoga, praying and enjoying free time with my family and friends.

At Kido Care since February 2022

Miss Yixsy

Bilingual Teacher

Yixsy was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and has been living in Canada since 2017. Graduating from the University of Venezuela with a degree in Preschool Education, she brings over 15 years of experience in nurturing children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a teacher fills her with joy.

In her free time she cherishes spending time with family, likes listening to music, dancing and watching action movies.

At Kido Care since May 2023

Miss Faviana Marquez

Bilingual Montessori Teacher

Faviana Marquez is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and is living in Canada since 2019 seeking better opportunities to continue growing as a person.

She originally studied Early Childhood Education and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Venezuela. She has 10 years of experience in this field. Also, Ms. Faviana has a Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development from Houston, Texas.

Since, she moved to Canada Faviana has worked in the childcare field because she enjoys teaching and learning from young children. She loves to provide an environment  that encourages healthy growth. In her free time, she likes to read motivational books, take care of her plants and walk in the nature.

At Kido Care since September 2022

Miss Cielo Fiebelkorn

Bilingual Teacher

Ms. Cielo was born in La Plata Argentina. She is the oldest of five siblings and a proud mom of a teenage daughter. She moved to Canada as a teen and has worked with children for over fifteen years, as an Early Childhood Educator and as a Therapeutic Companion for children with special needs. She has a passion for exploring children’s potential while focusing on the originality and uniqueness of every child and their experience.
As an educator, she believes that she has a responsibility to be a role model for children in respect and values.
In her free time, she loves taking portraits, especially of her nieces and nephews. She also loves spending time outdoors in the mountains caring for her plants in the garden.

At Kido Care since December 2023

Miss Adrivel Alvarez

Substitute Bilingual Teacher

She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2010 she graduated from university with a degree in education, and continued gaining six years of teaching experience in a recognized preschool in Venezuela.

In 2012 she completed a certificate on Child Diversity which has helped her to be more assertive about children’s needs and how to support them in the learning process. She knows that every child have its own time to learn and it’s important to respect each process. In November 2014 she moved to Canada with her daughter and joined the Kido Care Team.

She has more than 10 years of experience with toddlers and infants. She has been working most of the time in the Caterpillar room, sharing her experience with the little ones. The students themselves have also taught her a lot about behaviors as well as provided opportunities  to experience wonderful moments. She loves reading books; prepare sensorial activities as well as speak and sing Spanish songs to them.

One of her hobbies is professional makeup, reason why in 2018 she received a professional Makeup Certificate. She holds a Child Development Supervisor Certificate in Alberta.

At Kido Care since September 2016

Miss Jaanam Haleem

English Teacher

As a yoga teacher with over five years of experience of making kids bend and twist on the mat (in the most fun way possible, of course),she has discovered that young minds are like little treasure chests of creativity and curiosity. There is no better source of inspiration for her than the boundless energy and wonder that kids bring into this world. It’s like a never ending adventure!

Miss Jaanam got a secret weapon when it comes to connecting with them: her inner child! she absolutely adores being around these tiny dynamos, and her  playful side? Well, it helps her speak their language – the language of pure wonder and imagination.

Having a background in Computer Science Engineering, she has also worked in the world of technology in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, which is where she is from. When she is not on the mat or exploring the tech space, you can find her immersed in the pages of a good book, diving into various sports, or simply enjoying the tranquility of
Learning new things is her jam, and right now, she is on a mission to conquer the beautiful Spanish language. Because, who doesn’t want to chat with kids in more than one language?

At Kido Care since February, 2023

Adriana Ferrari


She holds a BA in Communications from Central University of Venezuela and a Diploma in Education with a specialization in Bilingual Education and Early Childhood Teaching from the University of Calgary.

She completed a Montessori teaching apparatus workshop through Montessori Centre International (MCI) from UK and studied the theoretical aspects of the method through the North American Montessori Centre (NAMC).

She obtained a Master’s in Education at the University of Calgary with the completion of an educational research year in the spring of 2017. She dedicated her last year of research at the University of Calgary editing her last paper in documentation and digital assessment connected to her study travels to schools in Beijing, Italy, and Singapore.

She had the opportunity to work along with more than 400 families and their children aged between 19 months and 6 years. As an extension to her graduate degree, Adriana wanted to become an active member of the International Reggio Emilia community by attending workshops and conferences in Canada and South East Asia as well as participating at an International Reggio Study Tour in Italy in the spring of 2015.

Her last studies involved a 200HR yoga teaching certification and a 95HR yoga for kids teaching training through the Yoga Alliance. As a proactive, observer and enthusiastic individual, she recognizes her interest in guiding children thru a holistic learning process as well as learning along with them.

She has been encouraging young students and colleagues to get inspired by their individual interests as well and sharing their learning through arts and projects. Her passion has been expanding her knowledge as well as serving others to create new concepts and ideas.

Her hobbies, besides co-learning along with the youngest citizens of the world, are SUP, meditation, yoga, salsa Rueda casino, hiking, arts, music and nature adventures.

Carlos Nieto


An expert and passionate geophysicist with over 14 years of experience in oil and gas exploration that has been sharing his South American’s experience with Alberta’s geoscience community. He completed graduate studies in Exploration Geophysics in the Canadian Arctic contributing in the research of that part of our planet. He is currently expanding his horizons even more around South East Asia while sharing his knowledge and professionalism.

Teamwork is essential at Kido Care and Carlos has played the role of a resilient and supportive partner. He is one of the most reliable members at Kido Care family. Our founder recognizes his unconditional love, patience, involvement and support.

Thank you!

Joseph Winzey and Family


Joseph has established more than three successful medical enterprises and he’s also one of the top salesmen in Americas when it comes to medical imaging equipment and its trades. He is a successful businessman and an important investor in South America’s health services.

He always wanted to invest in Canada and expand his visionary plan since he believes our country is a diverse and interesting place on Earth.

In 2011, he decided to invest in our educational venture project and thanks to his wife, his two beautiful daughters and himself; our dream is now a reality!

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