Children as co-creators of knowledge

Educators are a provocation engaging in dialogue

A school where knowledge is not transmitted – it’s constructed

We hold a strong & enhance vision of the Child

We believe in: A school where knowledge is not transmitted – it’s constructed, children are not empty sponges – they are knowledge makers, parents and the community hold a strong enhance vision of the Child and educators are a provocation engaging in dialogue co-creating hypothesis and open-ended projects along with children. Kido Care also believes on human’s sixth sense, our intuition.

Our Approach

Montessori classrooms provide a well planned and ‘prepared environment’ where children are free to respond to their natural tendency to work and play. 

The child

“A child is a creation of two persons Kai, 6 years old

We see the child as a capable being and a co-creator of knowledge who is ready to experience many opportunities to learn.

The school

We are thrilled to introduce a new concept in childcare to our community. Come and enjoy the highest quality care and a happy learning experience.

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