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Caterpillar 15 - 2.5 years old (need to be able to walk independently)
Pupa 2.5-3.5 years Potty independent but take naps
Butterfly 3.5-4.5 Rotational schedule but no naps
Firefly 4,5-6 preparing for Grade 1 learning skills at kindergarten and beyond
Female Male
Full-Time Part-Time
Yes No
Yes No
Additional family information
Both Only Father
Only Mother Other
Yes No
Emergency Contacts & Authorized Pickup Persons
(Emergency contacts must reside within Calgary city limits)
Must be someone other then parents of the child.
*Please bring to school or send an email with a photo copy of Alberta Health Card, a copy your child immunization records, and a copy of both parents’ driver license*
Acknowledgement and Consent for Photos/Videos
During the course of the Preschool program, photographs and videotaped movies of the children are sometimes taken. This may be for special days, for an article in the newspaper, use on the schools website, by a parent at a class party, or for the annual class photos by a photographer invited by the school. Unless you notify the teacher otherwise in writing, when enrolling your child in Kido Care you are giving your consent for your child’s video or still photograph to be taken at the Preschool.

Emergency Procedure
By signing below you are giving your consent in case of any emergency involving your child. Kido Care teachers or administrators will seek medical attention on behalf of the child if the school is unable to reach the parent / guardian or emergency contacts, and the teacher(s) believe that your child needs immediate medical attention.
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