A note from our Founder

Child Education in Calgary, Canada


I can reflect on each of our families’ experiences. I personally relate to parents’ needs and rights when seeking for the best quality in education and childcare. I am fully committed with passion and love to this project and I see professional development as fundamental in our organization.

A Canadian learning environment where Montessori continues grounding educators’ philosophy harmoniously combined with the latest early childhood education approaches such as Reggio Emilia becomes now a REALITY.

As an early childhood team leader and educator, Montessori inspirational as well as mother of two young children I had an opportunity to rethink my educational practice in my most recent process of learning through arts the past few years. I have found myself on a path with endless possibilities in which room for improvement and ambiguities exists. This process allowed me to learn about the benefits for educators and children in the Reggio Emilia approach as well as envisioning curriculum driven by arts while visiting and learning from schools in Europe and Asia.

Understanding project-based and art/children driven curricula truly influenced my work in the past years. I have envisioned a combination of more than one approach, which allows art to express itself and children express through the arts. This design continues promoting freedom, which is based on the child’s ability to attain control over her mind, by becoming cognitively independent. This design also continues promoting independence and self-discipline but in a more family oriented and collaborative community of learners. Also promoting an even more balanced power and ownership involving all stakeholders, educators, parents and children. These learning spaces designs are based upon the belief that the Reggio Emilia approach is adaptable to local, specific needs as well as to each child’s interest. How Reggio Emilia is capable to co-exist harmoniously with Montessori approach as well as become adaptable to a new educational era? The key answer lies on the space, the team of educators, as well as all stakeholders’ involvement in education. This combination brings a deeper and universal interpretation of what our diverse world, especially our Canadian learning spaces, including childcare centers, truly embraces.

That being said, we are proud to introduce a NEW and EVOLVED program to our community, to our supporting families and our young students. I am thankful and blessed. We are changing our future as well as making a difference in the world. Thank you for following us and supporting us as we keep ourselves updated on the latest research on early childhood education. Our authentic school ‘Kido Care’ evolves each day and we are delighted to have YOU in our journey.

Adriana Ferrari