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Montessori School Education in Alberta, Canada

Miss Rebeca Sztabzyb

Miss Rebeca Sztabzyb

(Director | Bilingual Montessori Firefly Educator)

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she always had a passion for children. As a teenager, she had a volunteering job opportunity in a community center working with children ages 4 to 7. As she grew up, she followed her passion and obtained her degree as a Kindergarten Teacher. For several years she worked in both, private and public school programs. During those years she took courses in Psychology, Arts, Craft, Spanish Literature and body expression.

In 1990 she moved to Calgary with her husband and two sons. Having just moved to a predominantly English speaking culture, she quickly made the effort to go back to school to learn English. Her first job in Calgary took place at the Calgary Jewish Academy. Then, in 2002, she worked at Webber Academy as a Spanish teacher for eight years. In 2011 she obtained the Montessori level 1 Certification and worked at a local Montessori preschool for the last two years. She enjoyed watching the students grow and learn a language that is so close to her heart. She is currently very happy being part of the Kido Care team. She also sees how the Spanish language benefits students as they grow up and introduce themselves in the world today and the workforce in the future.

Aside from teaching, she loves having dinner with her family and playing with her grandchildren. Some of her hobbies include watching movies, reading books, cooking, sewing, knitting, traveling, music and she also used to take long walks with her Golden Retriever ‘Jazmin’. She has participated in an International Reggio Study Tour in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy last spring of 2015. She is assuming the challenge of a new role in her career as Kido Care Director at Hotel Arts Gallery, in the Victoria Park community in Calgary.

Miss Diana Murillo

Miss Diana Murillo

(Spanish Caterpillar & Pupa Educator)

She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2012 she graduated from university with a Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education. She decided to continue her studies 3 more years and obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She was gaining teaching experience in preschool for eight consecutive years at a well-known and recognized learning center. She worked with children of various ages, which provided opportunities to understand more about children’s needs and development. She also has experience working on summer camps with children of three and four years of age. She is now fully committed with Kido Care and its philosophy, where she believes she will further develop, as well as share her own experiences while learning along with the children and the team. Miss Diana gained respect from Kido Care children at her first week at work. She has demonstrated to be very responsible, flexible and compassionate towards our young students. She is expanding her opportunities of growth as well as assuming many responsibilities within our team. As an excellent team player Miss Diana has not just gained the satisfaction and admiration of our children but also the rest of the team. Miss Diana is an excellent educator that we all honored to have her as a member at our learning center.

Miss Mercedes Manning

Miss Mercedes Manning

Mercedes was born on a farm in Mendoza, Argentina. She immigrated to Canada when she was 5 years old, with her parents and 5 siblings. Her house was always filled with friends, family, neighbours and lots of children. At a young age she knew she wanted to work with children. She received a Bachelor of Applied Child Studies. During her schooling she continued to work with children of all ages. She combined her love of children and her love of traveling and completed her practicum working at a school with children with severe learning disabilities in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

She has spent numerous years working at various agencies with children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. After a few years of this experience, she eventually got behind the scenes helping with the operation of the business side of local programs and schools. She also serves on many boards and is always aspiring to help any business adapt to the growing changes. Her passion is working within the early childhood education system, getting to spend time with the students as well as strengthening the business side.

Miss Violeta Navarro

Miss Violeta Navarro

Ms Violeta, originally from Cartagena, Colombia, South América. Proud mother of two young men, she came to Canada in 2011 with her youngest son and fell in love with this country. She gained experience in Canada as an Early Childhood Educator working in different Montessori daycares and Out of School Care programs. In 2012 she took the Montessori Foundations course and she is actually completing a Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare at Bow Valley College. Ms.Violeta holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts, a teaching certificate from the Colombian Government together with years of experience teaching preschool in a bilingual school in Colombia. She enjoys doing crafts, art projects based on children’s interests. She also loves encouraging children to wonder about the world, explore and learn about different topics. Sharing stories with children is one of her favorite activities too. She loves Eric Carle’s books and illustrations and many other authors. The most important thing for her and the reason she loves her profession so much is being part of a supportive and professional team making a difference in the children’s and families lives. She’s been with us since May 2017, happy and proud to be part of Kido Care team.

Miss Hinal Thaker

Miss Hinal Thaker

(Caterpillar & Pupa Montessori educator)

Miss Hinal was born in Anand, India. At the age of 10 years she took good care of her brother and cousins, which made her happy and joyful. After this experience she decided to enter into the childcare field, which makes her happy, satisfied and realized for her life purpose. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Development (Pre-school Management and Montessori). She then decided to study more in the law faculty because of her family’s background in law. She became registered lawyer in State Bar Council of Gujarat, India after three more years of study. Meanwhile she helped a good friend to set up a pre-school. Her experience with children of various age groups provided her opportunity to understand more about children’s needs and education. She also has experience working as a private educator in U.K. with a British family for 6 months with a three years old child. She started her career in Calgary, Canada in 2016 in a daycare centre from toddlers to the kinder class. She has been fully committed with Kido Care since Spring of 2017. After her parents, teachers are the most important persons in a child’s life because they provide guidance and help children build their future. It’s God’s gift to work with young children to give them the best care and affection. Day by day she enhances herself to be a better and professional teacher. Miss Hinal gained respect in our organization in a very short time and the team sees her as a wonderful teacher and excellent team player. Children find themselves happy, protected and love around her.

Miss Irene Agricoli

Miss Irene Agricoli

(Reggio Specialist / Team support)

Irene was born (and grown up eating a lot of pasta and pizza) in the countryside of Florence, Italy. She got a bachelor degree in Education Sciences at the University of Florence. After getting her degree (which she celebrated with a big pistachio and chocolate ice cream) she started working with children in a kindergarten. Soon she put in practice her knowledge and learned a lot interacting with young students. The work was always grateful but demanding sometimes (a big piece of tiramisu always helped her to get enough energy!).

She got a master in Library Sciences and worked in public libraries, where she organized activities in collaboration with schools. She has never stopped working with young children as she has always been practicing her favorite hobby: read stories!

She is in Calgary for a matter of love; she is ready to teach her young students and… also to show them some Italian cuisine secret! 😉 Miss Irene is a self-motivated educator that any child would dream to have as a guide and teacher in their early years. She is very enthusiastic and active participant in our team bringing new ideas and concepts and challenging our team constantly.

Carlos Nieto

Carlos Nieto (Co-founder)

An expert and passionate geophysicist with over 14 years of experience in oil and gas exploration that has been sharing his South American’s experience with Alberta’s geoscience community. He completed graduate studies in Exploration Geophysics in the Canadian Arctic contributing in the research of that part of our planet. He is currently expanding his horizons even more around South East Asia while sharing his knowledge and professionalism.

Teamwork is essential at Kido Care and Carlos has played the role of a resilient and supportive partner. He is one of the most reliable members at Kido Care family. Our founder recognizes his unconditional love, patience, involvement and support. Thank you!

Joseph Winzey and Family

Joseph Winzey and Family (Co-founder)

Joseph has established more than three successful medical enterprises and he’s also one of the top salesmen in Americas when it comes to medical imaging equipment and its trades. He is a successful businessman and an important investor in South America’s health services. He always wanted to invest in Canada and expand his visionary plan since he believes our country is a diverse and interesting place on Earth. In 2011, he decided to invest in our educational venture project and thanks to his wife, his two beautiful daughters and himself; our dream is now a reality!

Adriana Ferrari

Adriana Ferrari (Owner/Founder)

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Adriana fell in love with this peaceful country in 2004 when she arrived for the first time. She holds a BA in Communications, a Diploma in Education with a specialization in bilingualism and early childhood education; and she’s currently working towards finishing her Master in Education at the University of Calgary. As a journalist, producer and host, she had the opportunity to create and produce children TV shows in Venezuela and Canada. Her passion is inspiring, engaging, teaching and working towards expanding her knowledge and sharing it, as well as, serving others to develop new concepts and ideas.

She opened an innovative home-based bilingual Spanish/English childcare space in 2009, which turned into a Montessori preschool after learning the benefits of the method. As a proactive, observer and enthusiastic individual, she recognizes her interest in guiding children thru the learning process as well as learning with them.

She is fully committed to Kido Care with love and dedication by working for the community in the present time while empowering our future. As an extension of her Master studies, Adriana is aiming to become an active participant in the International Reggio community. She has participated in a Reggio Study Tour in Italy and she’s been very motivated about encouraging young students and educators to learn through arts using a project-based approach, which she believes is as rewarding as learning through the senses.

She is now dedicating her time in learning from authentic and constructive international schools around the world. She has started her world touring at innovative schools in China, Italy, and some countries in South East Asia. She is now looking to gain experience and learn from schools in New Zealand and Australia. Our passionate team of educators and management team are supporting her on this learning journey. She is also grateful to have active families on board, and more importantly, our future: the youngest citizens of the world 😉